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Projects, and more projects and more!

Okay, so it's been a while and there's been a lot of changes to my life. I'm working on some projects part-time, but it's not precisely my own choosing. Granted, this isn't all bad. So here's the skinny, in order:

1) I moved out from my parents' place and now live with my boyfriend in Virginia. Very different setting, a lot warmer but a lot more adult-like. I have to worry about doing adulty things again, like being able to feed myself. This is tough, as I only have a part-time job for now.

2) I've opened a blog over on WordPress (I know, I know: I've abandoned LJ *sniffle*). This is a daily blog thing and I'm doing a different thing every day. If you've seen my Facebook or anything like that, you'll have seen the links to it. It's also on my twitter feed and tumblr. So there's that. But in case you need help finding your way over there HERE is the link.

3) I'm a freelance writer over on oDesk, currently with two projects. One is me ghostwriting for an erotica series, another is short stories: again, erotica. They are out of my norm and therefore an adventure as well as a learning experience. I am enjoying writing every day and wish I could make more money from that, but I know that's not really possible currently.

4) Because of all of these things going on, I'm busy on a day-to-day basis. However, this doesn't mean my original projects are falling behind. I'm currently trying to finish up The Weeping Year in between writing these erotica stories.

So basically I'm going to keep track of the series I'm ghostwriting here as well as my original projects. Feel free to ask me questions about either or if you're interested. I'd be happy to talk about anything!

Erotica Series:

Another thousand down

The Weeping Year:

I've been coughing and hacking and sneezing occasionally. It's been a day where I have pretty much gotten through an entire bag of cough drops. I've also busied myself with watching movies. The point is, though, that I'm still trying to write.

Shoutouts and work!

The Weeping Year:

Stuck home from work tomorrow so I'm hoping to get a good chunk of this done after I do taxes and my resume! I'm also working on it a little tonight before I forget.

In addition I added a couple of links to the Authors/Editors section under the Favourite Places link on my website, so enjoy looking at the new authors that are busy producing books. Grannie Snow is a lovely, enthusiastic woman who stopped by Staples and was looking for a purple pen to sign her books with. We struck up a wonderful conversation as I helped her to find the right one for the job. Her children's book has only just been published but there are more on the way, the second one having already been written! Avery C. Woods is an amazingly talented young woman and deserves every bit of attention you can give to her! She writes in the same genre as I do, but tends more toward a dystopian setting. I love her to bits and she's like a sister to me, so go check out her site!

Off to work again

The Weeping Year:

With the two children's books completed that I aimed to do by this point I can refocus on The Weeping Year, since that needs to be finished and shipped out to my editors. Only a few thousand more words/a couple more scenes and it's done. I can't wait! I'm excited!


Okay guys, so a couple of things:

1. I just need to illustrate one of the children's books and draw up cover pages for them and then they're finished. So that's some good news. It means I won't be as scattered and anxious as I was before. I also might then be able to finish up The Weeping Year, since that's so close to being done.

2. I wrote another flash fiction piece! Based off of the prompt at writeworld (over on tumblr) of Who died and made you our queen? I present:

Someone's Queen

Workin workin workin

The Weeping Year:

Okay, at the grind again, planning to get at least another 1k out today. Hopefully more, but who knows. I at least want to get this chapter finished!

edit1 (2:15pm): got the 1k out but the chapter's not yet finished. I'll keep going until I finish the chapter!

Working on The Weeping Year again

The Weeping Year:

I'm working on it again! Since I'm at home and have my plot layout back with me!

working on it

The Weeping Year:

I've been working on childrens' books aimed at the audience of my niece and nephews for a while, but figured I should return to some of my other works before long. So tonight, while I wait for a game to finish downloading, I'm working on The Weeping Year. Yay?

Edit: 9000 words to go before this novel has a complete first draft! Too bad I'm stopping for the night because I forgot my plot line at home :(

NaNo abandoned :(

The Girl From The Tales:

So I know now that I will never be able to finish 50k this month. It sucks and I'm disappointed, but I'm not going to let myself give up this time around. I'm going to keep working on my projects and finish one of them because I feel like I need to.

That being said, I have recently started writing a series of children's books for my nephews and niece that will be finished for Christmas. I will be writing the books and drawing pictures to go with little plushie animals for them. They are the only gifts I'm working on, so they come first to even my novels. They are specifically for my family's enjoyment and so they most likely will not be published.

Still ketchup

The Girl From The Tales:

So I'm not finished writing today, obviously, but I wanted to drop a line here and say I'm still rather behind, but I intend to catch up one way or another. So here's to writing late into the night, trying to get that word count in.

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