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[sticky post] Closing this blog down

I'm going to keep it up, for now, but seeing as no one is really reading this I'm going to be closing this blog, transferring all pertinent information over to my website here: Birch Bark Paper, which is getting a face-lift and going to endure updating more frequently.

Mostly I just want to consolidate everything in my life and make it a little more put together. It's been a long haul with this blog (seven years? More?) but it's time to close it down. If you wish to contact me, you may through my website, twitter, or any other platform you find me on (even NaNoWriMo is acceptable). I would love to hear from you!

Forrest Parkyr

Original Works Again!

The Runner:

Good mews everyone!
My ghostwrite is finished. Handed over, paid, not having to do that ever again. Woohoo.

As for original projects: I'm working on The Runner slowly as well as looking ahead at the Christmas time thing. I have three kid's books to write/illustrate for then, and since I'd love to do NaNo, I don't want to do any of that during November if I can help it. Therefore, I'll be starting those promptly. Right now I'm brainstorming what can happen for each of them. Yay!

I'm... running?

The Runner:

I know, I said I'd work solely on finishing up this ghostwriting project so I would never have to do that type of work again (dear god it's a bore), but I got distracted this morning by having all these feels about The Runner. So I've translated what I have over to Scrivener and I'm adding to it! Yay!

I've finished chapter one of The Runner and for now I'm going to stop for sustenance and working on the ghostwriting. Keep checking back for updates throughout the day on how I'm doing!

ghost stuff and original stuff


One more book to go in this ghostwriting series and then I'm finished. I get to start work on it later today, after I get some sleep. In addition, I've worked on a couple of other short stories, including putting out the first chapter of "Atlas Shrugged" And I Died all over again. Mostly because of it mysteriously disappearing from the internet and any of my saved files. It's over here on Jottify and over here on Cowbird. Enjoy!

After I get everything sorted with the ghostwriting, my next project is finishing up The Weeping Year. Tally ho!

Working, working, working.


A few more projects converted into the Scrivener program and I'm still working on ghostwriting. With moving (for the second time in about two months), getting a retail job and other random life stuff getting in the way, I've been a bit busy. However, I have things to do, things to get done... So I'm trying to get a bit more done on this front today, so I might be able to hand over this second book sooner rather than later.

Starting on Book 2


Today I'm starting work on Book 2 for my ghostwrite. So let's see how far along I get.

Finishing Book 1?

The goal today is to reach 10k and finish up this first book of three. Here we go... (I'll be editing this throughout the day.)


edit1 (3:57pm): Less than a thousand words to go. Just a sex scene left. I can manage this.

edit2 (5:25pm): a couple of distractions later and the book is complete.

Dragging my way...


I will be editing this as the day progresses. My goal is to reach 8k today. Think I can make it? That way I only have another 2k to write until it's done. I could do that tomorrow. One day more and I could be done with this first book. Then I have two more that are a little less.

edit1 (4:58pm): I've met my goal for my ghostwrite for the day and plan to finish off the book tomorrow, as it's less than 2k to go.

As for other projects I have going on, I'm almost finished a blog entry over on my Wordpress for posting tomorrow, Sexy Saturday. I also have another short erotica ghostwrite--a genderswap threesome--to write. Which I've never done before. It's a weird subject and I'm having trouble getting it started. Luckily that story only has to be about 3k.

I'm still working on The Weeping Year and also converting other projects onto Scrivener: I converted all of Paper Fireflies over, which was mostly character profiles and such. I'll probably work on one of those after I finish writing this blog entry.

Today's work

Okay, so really I've been really slow at working on pretty much anything writing related the past couple of days, so here's to today hopefully spurring forward in one or more of my projects. Right now I'm working on the ghostwriting project. Whee?

Actually it's pretty frickin' boring. I'm still in the set up of the book.


edit1 (11:11am): broke 4k! Yay! Now off to 5k! (that's the halfway point for the first book).

edit2 (11:55am): 5k done. Half finished with one story. Phew. I'm going to finish this scene out and then be done with this project for the day.

Progress on my original works

The Weeping Year:

I've been able to start working on The Weeping Year again, and boy does it feel good. It's not much right now, but I'm betting it will be more in the coming weeks. I'll be working on it more tonight and editing this as I go.

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